Suzy Hopwood


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Born in Wales, United Kingdom, Suzy is a naturally gifted singer, performer, songwriter and entertainer whose roots were firmly planted during her school years, where she was part of an award winning Welsh Choir.


Early Years


Her career began at 19 years old when she was talent spotted at a local bar and signed up with Juniper Music and Management.  

She went on to record an album as part of girl group 'Spandex' and one of their songs was subsequently featured on the British Movie soundtrack "The Van Boys".





Why Not Me 


2019 Release, lyrics and melody by Suzy Hopwood.  In association with 7am Media Group.  











Released in 2017, in association with Synergy Music and Fuzion Records, which is a

modern Trance based genre and features many songs written in collaboration

with Synergy Music.  










Suzy Hopwood EP 

2018 release focusing on just the songs from the album Oxygen with Suzy's vocals.












Released in 2011 by Haymaker (Suzy Hopwood and David Thornber).

This is an 80's inspired electronic mash up of original songs, all vocals by Suzy Hopwood.





67511354_10163038561255643_6003651169207975936_n HAYMAKER-STORM

Sweet Sweet Loving






Three releases all written and produced by Suzy Hopwood all the way back in 2004, but never released until recently.  These are nostalgic songs from the very beginning of her songwriting career and were too good to leave "on the shelf".

Happy Now